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Curious about what may be hiding behind Virgo’s charming and virginal (ha! Wish you knew what had gone wrong with that mysterious Aquarius lover?provides satisfaction for the curiosity in all of us.

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They’ll work Taurus into a lather of lust and desire then set off for an evening out with their girlfriends or head off with the boys for beer and football and this is so not good.These are twelve fully-formed, securely-horny-with-exquisite-rough-edges characters and Lily's best guesses on how they'll interact, lube, claw, and restrain each other.Confident and formidable as the descriptions are unto themselves, the interactions between the signs are decidedly the best; always rough and tumble, and without resort to fairy-tale endings.Take Aries-Libra, for example: Both like the finer things in life -- why do the wild thing on the floor when there's this big satin-sheeted comfy bed?Why slip and slide on the tiles in a steamy shower when you can languish together in a yummy bubble bath; each will make the effort to please the other even if it takes all night, in fact why not take all night and do it right all three times --no make that four.And he might have seen the whips and chains coming!

Mmm…this little passage seemed to strike close to home as well: There is no such thing as "I don't feel like it." There are only variations of “I don’t feel like getting on top, I want it sideways,” or “I don’t feel like hitting it over the chair, I want you on the floor,” and, on occasion, the "I don't feel like it right now, with you."Not sure why your Aries is always bossing you around in bed?

Does that sticky morning wakeup call count for today or is it included in last night's count?

Aries natives require constant adoration so while working the room, Libra will have to remember to come back to them and privately work a finger in somewhere wet, squeeze a cock, or discretely pinch a nipple or both, thus letting ever watchful Aries Babies (and I mean that quite literally) know they haven't been forgotten.

Taurus might take this once, maybe even twice, and they might even go ahead and do you when you get home but if you’re going to chance this I hope you keep a secret bag packed and stashed somewhere to grab when they toss your butt out into the street…because they will and you’ll deserve it.

Honestly, do you take candy from little kids in your spare time? Painful, yes, but at least you can be prepared and have some idea what you can expect from that new lover as soon as you know his or her birthday.

And since it takes a million unique and special snowflakes, each sign’s chapter talks about male and female versions of the sign, but doesn’t specify gender in the sections describing the pairings, making this hot read straight, gay, or any-gender friendly.