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Monk's professional music career began in 1999 when she responded to an advertisement at the recommendation of her mother which requested girls with vocal and dance experience.The advertisement was for an Australian reality television series, Popstars, a TV talent show which aimed to create a successful new girl group.

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President", working on her previous experience as a Monroe impersonator.In April 2010, Nine Network announced Monk would be a special guest presenter on the travel television program Getaway.Following her first appearance Nine announced Monk would continue appearing on the series in a recurring form from then on.Monk has had small roles in films such as Click, Murder World and Spring Break '83.In 2005, Monk relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue a career in acting.After numerous rounds of singing and dancing workshops, Monk was selected as a member of the group, which was named Bardot.

Bardot became the first Australian act to debut at the No.

Bardot now had more control over their music and image. Monk co-wrote the album track "Feel Right" with bandmate Sally Polihronas.

The single peaked Top 5, as did follow-up single, "I Need Somebody", their most successful single since "Poison". In 2002, final single, "Love Will Find A Way" completed Bardot's string of consecutive Top 20 hits and the group embarked on its second national tour. In 2002, Monk signed a recording contract with Warner Music Australia and started working on a solo album.

Monk performed the song at a Biofit Bra launch in Catalina, Rose Bay.

A promotional video was filmed and premiered as part of the ad campaign.

The first single "Inside Outside" was released in October 2002 and was produced by Grammy Award winning music producer Rob Davis. On Monk released her debut album Calendar Girl which peaked at No. The album received mixed reviews from critics with Monk co-writing four of the album's tracks. In June 2007, Monk recorded a cover of "Push It" by Hip-Hop trio Salt-n-Pepa.