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She then took the USB drive from the camera and found explicit photos of herself as well as images of one of the landlords installing the camera.

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It’s clear that many startups and small- to medium-sized businesses are rushing in for a slice of the Io T pie.Ironically enough, one of the few countries not on this site is North Korea, but for just about every other country and region—including Palestine—there are unsuspecting public cameras conveniently linked to the site.So there you have it, a website with eyes on the world—from public squares, malls, underpasses and industrial spaces to cafes, restaurants, retailers, houses and, most disturbingly, the baby’s room. Smith explains, “There were lots of businesses, stores, malls, warehouses and parking lots, but I was horrified by the sheer number of baby cribs, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens; all of those were within homes where people should be the safest, but were awaiting some creeper to turn the ‘security surveillance footage’ meant for protection into an invasion of privacy.” Naturally, the Foscam links tend to be viewing baby cribs. Smith to spend her day trying to contact the users of these video feeds.And good for her for taking on that Herculean task.But as I wrote in May, companies need to build privacy and security protections in from the start.The last thing we need is for poor design practices and wanting consumer education to make it easier for those adversaries.

photo credit: s3aphotography via photopin cc One of the biggest takeaways from last year’s Federal Trade Commission roundtable on the Internet of Things was the inherent security issues and vulnerabilities created by ubiquitous computing.

One of the main issues that led to the story was the default password setting.

Many cameras, DVRs and CCTV systems have the username and password set to the basic “admin” or “password” setting. sets the gold standard with more than 11,000 connected webcams), by manufacturer (including Foscam, Linksys, Panasonic and Av Tech) or, like an i Tunes playlist, you can hit shuffle and view a random camera feed.

Take, for example, the case of Jared James Abrahams.

For more than two years, the now 19-year-old Abrams hacked into at least two dozen computers belonging to young women.

The simplest approach to avoid this problem is to continue to use the Facebook app but not use the in-app browser.