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Mexican phone chat

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In other words, someone from Mexico or Canada can't sign up for T-Mobile service and move back home.T-Mobile customers in the two countries won't be able to access to the extra data on its Data Stash program, which is the unused data from previous months that has been rolled over into the current tally.

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T-Mobile partnered with two carriers in Mexico and six carriers in Canada for full roaming coverage.If they don't want to switch, they can add the feature to their account for $10 a month.Another requirement: T-Mobile customers have to spend more than half their time in the US to qualify for the free access.In a work environment that requires two-factor authentication for every account, along with the use of unique passwords, I can’t risk being locked out of something because I forgot my login.So I maybe kept a few passwords in a note file on my stolen phone.They can also call Canadian and Mexican numbers from the US without incurring any fees. The move is part of T-Mobile's broader "Uncarrier Amped" campaign, just one of the many ways the four national carriers have tinkered with coverage plans, customer promotions and network upgrades to get a leg up on rivals.

Last month, for instance, T-Mobile introduced a plan that allows customers to and as larger rivals AT&T and Verizon Wireless have upped their own efforts, putting the wireless market in a state of flux.

An AT&T spokeswoman wasn't immediately available to comment on T-Mobile's new plan.

The free calls to Mexico and Canada represent a boon to T-Mobile customers.

And maybe it was because I didn’t want to shell out cash for a password manager.

Also, there are times when I need to file a story or log into an account from public Wi-Fi.

Existing customers will have to check a box in their plan to add the feature.