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The move was the latest high-profile attempt to discourage visible homosexuality in the socially conservative country.In a letter to the president, the New York-based group said that the government should publicly condemn officials who make "grossly discriminatory remarks" against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

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Official responses range from calls for tolerance to outright condemnation.Jeto operacija Intikama, Shahidskaja operacija i my budem srazhat'sja do smerti. Amirom Vilajata Dagestan naznachen Said Arakanskijgörüntülü kur'an-ı kerim öÄren elif be "Tecvid'li Kur'an ÃÄrenimi" videolarını izleyebileceÄiniz bir uygulamadır. Sunumu yapan deÄerli Davut Kaya hocamıza ve Dost Tv ye bu deÄerli çalıÅmalarından dolayı teÅekkür ederiz.At the same time, most of Indonesian society, which follows a moderate form of Islam, is tolerant, with gay and transsexual entertainers often appearing on television shows.Line on Tuesday said it had removed all LGBT-related stickers from its local store after receiving complaints from Indonesian users.Combining a highly sensitive CCD image sensor with an enhanced DIGIC processor, Canon's new Dual Anti-Noise technology minimises noise and image blur to produce sharp, clear images in demanding light situations even without the use of flash.

Whether you're a first-time digital camera owner, advanced hobbyist or fulltime professional, the Power Shot is packed with powerful creative features to suit all your needs.

If the documents cannot be independently verified, however, Mr Gotho will not go down in the record books.

There are a number of people who claim to have broken Jeanne Calment’s record, such as Nigerian James Olofintuyi, who claims to be 171, and Dhaqabo Ebba from Ethiopia, who claims to be 163, but without verifiable documents they cannot be given her title.

The centenarian, from Central Java, says he spends his time listening to the radio, as his eyesight is no longer good enough to watch television.

When asked the secret to a long life, he said: “The recipe is just patience”.

You are invited to view or upload your videos to the Community collection. Kavkaz Center Tvitter: https:// KC Kavkaz Center veb-sajt: Amir Imarata Kavkaz Ali Abu Muhammad osudil dejstvija byvshego amira vilajata Dagestan, kotoryj prisjagnul lideru IG Abubakru Bagdadi.