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John Colony, founded by the descendants of former slaves, giving back and helping each other is how we survived.


This lack of guaranteed success can make the effort of creating a positive/desired vision hard to do, especially as there is so much to be concerned about in our world.My friend, and community artist, Paula Jardine amazes me with her ability to create parades and beautiful events for our community, on hard issues like a death in the family or salmon habitat loss, that bring people together in loving, joyful ways with live musicians, storytellers, lanterns, and tea in real teacups.And the De Pave Portland folks work hard, but seem to be having lots of fun. This entry was posted in community planning, desire, environmental planning, Future, Future Studies, positive futures, sustainability, Uncategorized, visioning and tagged community planning, desire, environmental planning, positive futures, sustainability, vision, visioning. Joanna Macy and Chris Johnston in their new book remind us that we don’t have to be optimistic or be assured of a particular outcome to take actions for change.“Active Hope is about becoming active participants in bringing about what we hope for” even when facing the reality that we may not be totally successful. John Colony, a community of about 100 people northeast of Lockhart that was founded by the descendants of former slaves.

To survive in the poor, rural hamlet, the residents had to rely on each other.

And when you align with other visionaries it gets joyful.

Look for ways to create fun and playfulness in the actions.

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