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Airline employee dating

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is a newer mature women dating site has been rapidly gaining popularity."Under the guise of American law, a American is allowed reasonable accommodation for their religion as it long as it isn’t casing undue hardship," he said."So it obviously was not causing undue hardship because there were two flight attendants and it was moving along smoothly until another flight attendant decided that they had an issue with Ms Stanley not serving alcohol." Lawyer Lena Masri said last year that the complaint against Ms Stanley had "Islamophobic" overtones as her client wore a headscarf and carried a book with "foreign writings” and these two things were specifically mentioned in the complaint."The person making the complaint, it’s very obvious that they had animus towards Muslims and Islam," added Mr Walid.

All my airline employee friends are either married or don't use their travel bennies at all I'm not an airline employee but I'm on an airplane evey couple weeks.Ms Stanley told The court case follows Ms Stanley’s complaint filed last year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.The Commission reportedly dismissed her case without investigating whether Express Jet broke the law.Used to travel for work in a helicopter twice a week for almost 2 years... I don't even feel more comfortable in my own home...I know how difficult is to date when you travel for work alot, or when you're hardly in the same location for long... I feel sorry for you guys's such a taxing career if your looking to settle down... It is so easy to shift trade, day trade, that my "normal schedule" does get changed and I do forget to mention it. There is no other way we could have possibly met otherwise! I think now, just after a year of marriage, I am finally ok with the ebb and flow of him coming and going. He has travelled in first class going to Paris and he gets medical benefits from me so he appreciates my job.

I think my spouse has just gotten use to asking me every night, "Do you work tomorrow? I can pretty much rearrange it anyway needed to adapt to their schedule or anytime we want to get away when they have a couple of days off school. I have learned to plan to work on my hobbies (scrapbooking, etc.) and see friends on the nights and weekends he is not home. May not like it and gets pissy when I can't trade trips around for certain days, but he's getting better.

"As Ms Stanley is an employee, we are not able to comment on personnel matters nor can we comment at this time on any ongoing litigation." The lawsuit follows various high profile cases from evangelical Christians who have refused to do certain things including issue gay marriage licences - such as a Kentucky probate clerk called Kim Davis - on the grounds of their religious beliefs.

Ms Davis, a public official, spent several days in jail before a judge ordered her release.

Working in the airline industry is just not a job, it is a life style. I think my spouse has gotten used to my life style. "You knew what i did for a living when we dated, so no complaints." I commute because of where we live.

I do wish I would keep a better update to my family. We lived in the same town in MD but he was on reserve at his crash pad in EWR. While we were dating (and not living together) it was much easier because I didn't feel it as much when he was gone as I do now that we are married and are living together - It affects me much more. He makes more money than me so that's the trade off.

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