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Alexis stewart dating kevin sharkey

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Equally as simple is Alexis's imagined reply: "Eff off!

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The rooms are small, and a tour of the ground floor doesn't take long.I do not live in a sleek apartment with wall-to-wall terazzo and floor-to-ceiling windows, but because of Alexis I know how to edit; I am unaffraid to purge ''stuff'' that I no longer use or need; I crave light and spaces that are restful to the eye and I keep things organized and tidy, which has resulted in a happier me. I wanted to reflect on Alexis's apartment because I think it demonstrates that an elegant interior space does not require ornament and filagree to achieve drama.To me, her apartment is the perfect blend of formality and informality, comfort and practicality, simplicity and grandeur.“Listen,” she insisted on a recent Sunday afternoon when I paid a visit.“It's a happy sound.” Martha Stewart may hear music in her birds' wailing, but she cannot pretend that there's been much harmony in her life since December 27, 2001.When your grandmother is Martha Stewart (shh, don't call her Grandma, though), you can rest assured that your bedroom and playroom are more than just spaces to throw a few toys.

Jude and Truman Stewart, 17- and 5 months old, respectively, are living the high life in a serene NYC triplex that their mom, Alexis Stewart, decorated as an urban oasis.

Meanwhile, the bankruptcy of Kmart, where Stewart has long sold her line of products for the home, has threatened the future of her business.

All of this has sent shares in her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, plummeting.

Even though Stewart has dogs (Chow Chows named Paw Paw and Chin Chin) and Himalayan cats (females known as Teeny and Weeny, and males called Mozart, Verdi, Vivaldi, Berlioz, and Bartók), the house is dominated by American song canaries, which screech continuously inside a pair of antique cages.

Stewart used to have five of them, but it's mating season, and there are now about thirty.

The last photograph is of Alexis's former apartment in Tribeca.