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Backup exec 11d updating catalog

backup exec 11d updating catalog-40

Other programs may use the same communication ports as SEPM and will need to be changed to use different ports for communication.Follow the instructions given to solve any conflict issues that you may experience.

backup exec 11d updating catalog-21backup exec 11d updating catalog-27

Symantec Web Server site for the following: There are no known problems with the install however Mail Security should be configured to not run Live Update.For more information on the ports that SEPM uses see the Related Articles section.This program uses the following ports for communication 8443, 2638, and 8080.If you have an expired maintenance contract or are running an older version of Backup Exec, this is your opportunity to renew your existing contracts and have a look at any new licenses of Backup Exec 15 including the new Capacity Lite offering.Backup Exec works seamlessly with new or refreshed Windows servers, applications, and VMware or Hyper-V virtual servers to round out a complete (and well protected) solution.Some products may cause conflicts with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) when they co-exist on the same server.

Specifically, configuration changes to the installation of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) are generally required if the one or more of following programs are also installed on the server: SEPM uses PHP, Tomcat, IIS, Sybase database (for the embedded database) and Java.

This will cause it to use the same definitions as the Endpoint product eliminating definition corruption caused by both updating at the same time.

There are no known problems with the default settings of Share Point however IIS settings may have been changed.

After you have changed the settings on the Symantec Web Server to respond on another port, turn on the Default Web Site.

Note: The IIS settings must apply to all system settings for SEPM to work.

However Veritas will continue to protect 32-bit Windows physical and virtual machines, which have the Backup Exec Windows Remote Agent installed.