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What if marriage was essentially a really close friendship? We would like to highly recommend WP-Dating for anyone who is thinking of building a dating website business.

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What if marriage was more like friends with benefits? I’m not trying to suggest that chemistry isn’t important. At the end of the day they can still be your best friend. And that should be at the core of a successful long term relationship. They are a part of what makes the relationship work because they require us to be vulnerable and intimate with our partner. We’ve learned how easy it is to fall in love with someone you are physical with and end up getting hurt.We’ve learned how perhaps the idea isn’t so bad for some because it helps remove expectation.I still enjoy doing them, but I don’t like to release things just for the sake of releasing them.Some of my least favorite captions that I’ve created were ones I pumped out just because I liked a picture, but didn’t have a story for it, or that I made just to keep a schedule.I’m changing as a person, and my captions are likely to change with me.

Prior to now, I wrote as someone who was repressed, and now I’m trying to come at you as a someone far more honest and accepting of who I am.

I look back at those captions with embarrassment, especially when those works are the ones that tend to generate the most traffic.

So I opt to post nothing instead of captions I had no inspiration for (even though the grand majority of you reading this do not give a flying fuck about my creative processes or integrity.) So, after a year out of the game, I’ve come back with a few captions. I’m coming to terms with and trying to educate and explore my identity as a transgender person.

TG is a hobby of mine that I’ve explored primarily as a sexual thing. While I have always made an effort with my captions to keep things fairly PG, (not-porn, as I jokingly refer to it) I’m well aware of what most of you out there are probably using my works to do. I started doing captions because I wanted to fill certain niches for myself that I wasn’t getting satisfied by in the works of others.

This is all well and good, but when my needs being satisfied elsewhere, the creative juices are placed in a sock on the floor instead of on the computer screen, and I don’t release any new captions for a year straight.

I’m mentally in a different place than I was when I was working on captions for you all, so any caption I write now will be fundamentally different from what you all read this blog for.