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Dating on line hazardville connecticut

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All ammunition sales must adhere to applicable Federal, State and Local laws.

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FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED $49.00 (View Picture) NOTE: We were fortunate to acquire several dozen boxes (full, partial or empty) from some of the most advanced collections of .30-06 ammunition ever assembled.(We will shrink wrap at no charge if requested when ordering.) $32.00 (View Picture) 23061 .257 ROBERTS- FULL BOX WESTERN SILVERTIP 100 GR CIRCA 1950s-60s - Excellent condition, will be great for display with a vintage rifle in this caliber, like a pre-64 Model 70. 7 ½, 8 or 9 shot issued for training of aerial gunners.(We will shrink wrap at no charge if requested when ordering.) $32.00 (View Picture) 22047 10 SHELLS, SHOTGUN, PAPER, 12 GAGE NO. A few other sizes were procured in much smaller quantities. 6 as “Hawk load” and there is also a nearly unknown No. Hawks were a serious threat to the Army’s still active use of trained pigeons to carry messages during WW2.This volume thoroughly covers Federal pistol ammunition.Detailed information on patents, designers, & manufacturers.(344 pages) Part One covers Federal rifle musket and smoothbore ammunition.

Detailed information on the Ordnance Department, Northern arsenals, patents, designers, & manufacturers of Federal musket ammunition.

We prefer you ask by e-mail so we will have time to pull items before answering, or check with the owner if they are consignment pieces. If you don't have e-mail click here for telephone contact information. Scroll down the page to look at all of it, or use the links to get to the section that interests you most.

We have a nice assortment of ammuniton for collectors, best in the area of U. 18818 CIVIL WAR SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION-ROUNDBALL TO RIMFIRE- THREE VOLUME SET!

We found a box of this for our collection years ago, and recently found four more.

Never opened, shrink wrapped in plastic for display.

This is the full THREE VOLUME SET, not a single volume.