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Dating someone in jail

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Life behind the walls of a prison is like another world, they have their codes, their language, and their ways of doing things.One of the most common thing that goes on in prison, is men having sexual relationships with other men.

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A booty hole is a booty hole, no matter if its a man or woman.I have seen men 6ft, 260lbs, and all muscles, lift every weight on the weight pile during the day, and have another man busting out his booty hole at night.These guys wasn't feminine or dressed up in jail house drag trying to imitate women, no, these were "manly" men, with deep voices and 27 inch arms!As I stood there, I wanted to go over there and let the puss out of the bag, but instead I told him he was living a lie and if he truly changed, he should inform his girl and come clean. On a side note, a good friend of mine told me a few months ago that she was dealing with a dude that had just gotten out of prison six months prior to her meeting him.She also informed me that it was him that got her into having anal sex.I worked in the kitchen and part of my duty was walking trays down to the prison infirmary to feed the inmates in there.

They have a special ward where I was held, just for men with full blown aids.

He must have been screwing men in the a** while he did those five years and that's why he is so good and smooth at it! There was a long awkward silence on the phone for a few minutes and she managed to say, "Oh my god!

I feel like a damn fool, now it all makes sense"....

The number #1 killer of black women ages 24-35 world wide, according to the WHO, is AIDS/HIV........ Back in the early nineties, I had the unfortunate opportunity, to spend a few years in prison.

A bad situation could have been made worst, had I not used the time in there for my betterment and to work on being me.

Who the heck knows - but it's an affliction that ought to be treated, that's for sure.