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Dish hopper guide not updating

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Then, Apple released the i Phone 4 with retina display and again, you didn’t have to be right on top of it to instantly notice the difference.

The first chink came way back around the time Blu-ray won the format war.It seems to me — famous last words from a non-developer — that it would be trivial for Microsoft to develop and release Modern UI apps for TV.Recorded TV, Guide and Live TV tiles could be pulled over from the deprecated Media Center experience.Panasonic had a in-dash 720p 7-inch display at the BDA’s CES booth.It was right next to a typical standard definition display, and I still remember being surprised how much better the HD display looked, even on such a small screen from so far away.And then it hit me, seeing the pixels is a bad thing. The rules for sitting too close to a TV are to avoid being able to distinguished the pixels, and thus ruining the experience.

And while it is true that if you step back far enough, you won’t be able to tell the difference, that distance is far from the same as the minimal viewing distance.

Of course the best way is to not get it dirty in the first place, but between kids, sneezes and rude-screen-touchers, it happens. I start with two lint-free microfiber cleaning cloths; one damp one dry.

First I wipe in circular motion with the damp cloth until I’m confident that I’ve removed all the grime and fingerprints.

I say this because I’m reminded of all the Windows 7 commercials that mentioned its ability to watch TV — was there even one that didn’t.

Windows 8 and Xbox apps from Netflix, Hulu and others add obvious value to the new Windows ecosystem, but so does real TV.

Over the years I’ve struggled to ensure the quality of the podcast was on par, while at the same time, stream the show live via Ustream.