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Embarrassed to try online dating

There were a lot of people shouting their anger too.I wouldn't expect JB to offer me anything it's my choice and I chose to go albeit fearing the worst.

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How do you appear interested without coming off as desperate or needy?Walking back to my car there were a couple of Rochdale supporters talking and one said wish we could play them every week they're a joke of a team, his mate replied well I can tell you that's the worst Walsall side I've ever seen.It seemed to me the players looked as though they hadn't got a clue what to do and that must be down to the manager.You seem to that every game the same, whatever the opposition, Macclesfield, Coventry, Gillingham etc etc, one striker up front, WHY. Furthermore JW, you talk about being overrun in midfield, how can that happen when we have five midfielders on the pitch, our squad is full of midfielders, unfortunately all of the same guile and quality, as are our defenders and strikers (I use that word loosely).Jon, if you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got.The whole team need a reality check (promotion contenders) relegation on that showing last night, they want to come out of cloud cuckoo land.

Graham, really hope the Express and Star can pass all of these comments on to the relevant personnel and hopefully a reaction of some sort could be achieved, and you are right to boycott Sheffield, another embarrassment awaiting i think.

Etheridge is too comfortable in his shirt and while im not a Mac Gillvary fan it's time to drop etheridge and make him start fighting for his shirt again.

Whitney also deserves credit for taking ozzy off, could you imagine smith doing that with sawyers?

That is not like a Walsall team that we have had here over the past two months.“It’s time to look within. I will ask my players to do the same.”Whitney surprised supporters by taking off top scorer Erhun Oztumer at half-time with the boss switching to a 4-4-2 formation that saw Amadou Bakayoko partner Simeon Jackson up top.“He (Oztumer) wasn’t in the game,” the boss added.

“They were just overloading the midfield and he couldn’t get on the ball.“They were set to press him and the space was left in behind the centre-halves so we had to do something to try and be more of a threat.

He tried something out and sadly it had no impact, the effort was there which is more than can be said of the players Saddler and Proud thank you for your kind comments, the traffic was bad enough especially round the Manchester area but I guess we've come to expect that to be the case these days.