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Error updating nqs spool file

Extended accounting is an IRIX feature that has extended process accounting capabilities, along with project and array session accounting features.

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You can use either one type of accounting or a combination of them, depending on your site's accounting needs.Comprehensive System Accounting (CSA) is a set of C programs and shell scripts that, like the other accounting packages, provide methods for collecting per-process resource usage data, monitoring disk usage, and charging fees to specific login accounts. CSA accounting for a job consists of all accounting data for a given job identifier during a single system boot period.However, since NQS jobs or workload management jobs may span multiple reboots and thereby consist of multiple job identifiers, CSA accounting for these jobs includes the accounting data associated with the NQS identifier or the workload management identifier.Using accounting data, you can determine how system resources were used and if a particular user has used more than a reasonable share; trace significant system events, such as security breaches, by examining the list of all processes invoked by a particular user at a particular time; and set up billing systems to charge login accounts for using system resources.Basic accounting consists of standard UNIX accounting features.A job is a grouping of processes that the system treats as a single entity and is identified by a unique job identifier (job ID).

CSA is the only accounting type to organize accounting data by jobs and boot times and then place the data into a file.

CSA provides additional capabilities that provide more detailed and accurate accounting data per job. The command processes accounting records written into the CSA accounting data file.

For more detailed information on basic accounting and extended accounting, see “About the Process Accounting System” and “IRIX Extended Accounting”, respectively, in Chapter 7, “System Accounting” of the IRIX Admin: Backup, Security and Accounting manual.

NQS or workload management jobs may span multiple boot periods.

If a job is restarted, it has the same job ID associated with it during all boot periods in which it runs.

Audit data is collected directly from the kernel by the program.