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Home improvement the dating game episode

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Campbell [ Flannel #2 ], William Lewis [ Flannel #3 ], Tim Reeder [ Flannel #4 ], Steffon Sam [ LL Tool J ], Sam Sarpong [ Grand Master Bash ] theme song.

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Welcome to the Home Improvement guide at TVRage Home Improvement is a family sitcom about Tim "The Tool man" Taylor (Tim Allen), the host of a local cable home improvement show called "Tool Time." Home Improvement looks at Tim at work, and at home, as the wife of Jill (Patricia Richardson) and the father to three teenage boys. On "Tool Time" Tim is more than a little accident-prone.At the funeral, Tim eulogizes Alma and proposes to Trudy. The all-tool band returns for the final along with Sparky, Eddie, Felix and Mario Andretti.Mario Andretti [ Himself ], Megan Cavanagh [ Trudy ], Pat Cronin [ Sparky ], Al Fann [ Felix ], Janeen Rae Heller [ Janeen ], Tom La Grua [ Eddie ], Keith Lehman [ Cal ], John "Juke" Logan [ Juke ], Shirley Prestia [ Dolores ], Thom Sharp [ Jeff ], Danny Zorn [ Morgan ] Harry, Pete, Benny, Dwayne, Marty, Rock Tim arrives at work and prepares for the final show. Wilson and Tim decide to take their fence down to make more room for the wedding. Brad hits on Heidi with her husband on a business trip. Jill reconsiders Indiana after Morgan arrives and tells her of his rejected offer. Whether it's real or a figment of Tim's imagination is unknown, but the Taylors decide to go, uprooting the house in the ultimate home project. We are just providing information, which we hope other fans will find useful.Of course, he gets confused and jealous that no one's paying attention to him.Kathryn Joosten [ Thelma Mc Creedy ], Brent Hinkley [ Carl ], Holly Maples [ Tiffany Gutierrez ], Mike Grief [ George ], Dan Tullis, Jr.Applegate, Vaughn Armstrong, Pat Asanti, Sean Baca, Jordan Baker, Ray Baker, Rebecca Balding, Bever-Leigh Banfield, Thomas Bankowski, Steven Barr, Steven Barr, Bonnie Bartlett, Neil Barton, Gary Bayer, Gary Bayer, Layne Beamer, Jim Beaver, Drake Bell, Diana Bellamy, Philippe Bergeron, Earl Billings, Raye Birk, Josh Blake, Jack Blessing, Lee Boek, Jim Boeke, Vasili Bogazianos, Peter Bonerz, Zachary Bostrom, Eileen Brennan, Adrienne Evans, Jim Breuer, Kevin Brief, David Brisbin, Haynes Brooke, Pat Crawford Brown, Bo Brundin, Zachery Ty Bryan, J. Bumstead, Laura Bell Bundy, Cody Burger, Dennis Burkley, Maryedith Burrell, Milton Canady, Tony Carreiro, Alice Carter, Mitch Carter, Mitch Carter, Daniel Bryan Cartwell, Daniel Bryan Cartwell, Fredrik Cavali, Megan Cavanagh, Terri Cavanaugh, Sidney Chankin, Dave Chappelle, Channing Chase, Troy Christian, Eric Christmas, Melissa Christopher, Blake Clark, Kristen Clayton, Julie Cobb, Dennis Cockrum, George Coe, Kari Coleman, Greg Collins, Rickey D'Shon Collins, O'Neal Compton, Adam Consolo, Natalie Core, David Correia, John Cothran, David Courtney, Rick Cramer, Patrick Cronin, Patrick Cronin, Michael Cudlitz, Kimberly Cullum, Jensen Daggett, Gregg Daniel, Gregg Daniel, Joanna Daniels, Hillary Danner, Lois De Banzie, George Del Hoyo, George Del Hoyo, David De Luise, Bob Hilgenberg, Raffi Di Blasio, Seth Dillon, Lewis Dix Jr., Lewis Dix Jr., Beth Dixon, Mark Dobies, Gloria Dorson, Courtnee Draper, Ja'net Du Bois, Ja'net Du Bois, Ken Duncan, Stephanie Dunnam, Stephanie Dunnam, Debbe Dunning, Sonya Eddy, Phyllis Ehrlich, Judyann Elder, Debra Engle, Debra Engle, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Joaquín Escamilla, Troy Evans, Blake Mc Iver Ewing, Andi Eystad, Al Fann, Laurie Faso, Ron Fassler, Bruce Ferber, Bill Ferrell, Carmen Filpi, Rick Fitts, Margaret Fitzgerald, Roosevelt Flenoury, Sheila Franklin, Kathleen Freeman, Alan Fudge, Melanie A.

Gage, Max Gail, Max Gail, Tom Gallop, Taran Noah Smith, Richard Karn, William O'Leary, Jimmy Labriola, Sherry Hursey, Mickey Jones, Gary Mc Gurk, Casey Sander, Charles Robinson, Mariangela Pino, Tudi Roche, Tom La Grua, Keith Lehman, Kaylan Romero, Jarrad Paul, Dick O'Neill, Danny Zorn, Joel Polis, Peter Michael Goetz, Mark L.

All evidence points toward Tim even though he claims that Wilson's new lady friend, a coven witch, is the one police should be questioning.

Mark Dobies [ Scott ], Hillary Danner [ Wendy ], Vasili Bogazianos [ Antonia ], Channing Chase [ Marcy ] Jill realizes that her patient has been seeing Heidi's husband and shares that private information with Tim, who accidentally blurts it out to Heidi.

demonstrates Christmas lighting on Al's roof, where Al announces that he will be competing against Tim in the annual decorating contest but, unfortunately, Tim is being sabotaged by Brad and Mark.

Randy returns home for Christmas and discovers all the changes, including his cousins and uncle living in the house, his brothers' new bond and Al's rich girlfriend.

Lloyd Fields ], Debra Engle [ Receptionist ], Tammy Lauren [ Patty ], Lorna Scott [ Judy ], Sonya Eddy [ Gayle ], Richard Kickinger [ Dolph Schnetterling ], Ally Wolfe [ Anesthesiologist ], Stephanie Fudge [ Orderly ], Lowell Sanders [ Male Nurse ] Marty The men of the family prepare for a ski trip, while Jill prepares to spend the weekend writing her thesis.