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Is anna wintour still dating shelby bryan

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And First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on the cover of the in 20.‘P’ as in ‘pop stars’.One of Anna Wintour's most controversial yet most praised choices as Vogue's editor‑in-chief has been to present movie stars and singers in the cover photographs.

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In 2013, Anna Wintour was appointed as the artistic director of the entire publishing empire.‘D’ for the devil in .‘ is a fashion magazine, and a fashion magazine is about change,’ said Anna Wintour soon after stepping into the shoes of editor-in-chief, in 1988.Her first cover featured a 19-year-old girl wearing a Christian Lacroix jacket and Guess jeans while bathed in bright sunshine. Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour loved hosting boozy weekends at her beach house in Mastic, New York, this summer with actor pals Damian Lewis and Dominic West, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly.“They loved drinking and talking about how they miss England,” the insider says of the British trio.“They’d go through a ton of alcohol and laugh all night.” Guests of the Hillary Clinton supporter, 66, left her Long Island home with an unique souvenir: a white cotton T-shirt reading “Make Mastic Great Again.” While many A-listers typically flock farther east to the Hamptons during the warmer months, Wintour, dating businessman Shelby Bryan since 2004, has always been able to attract visitors to her waterfront abode.By continuing to browse this website, you are consenting to us storing cookies on your device.

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celebrated its 120th birthday in 2012 with the thickest ever issue of the magazine – it weighed in at a hefty 916 pages! Anna Wintour's interest in politics has grown with each passing year.

She supported the fund-raising efforts of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in both 20.

Some say she wore Chanel miniskirts even when pregnant, only loosening the zip a little to accommodate her growing tummy. Anna Wintour is said to play tennis at six every morning, after which she gets her hair and make-up done and reaches her desk at the office by eight.‘U’ as in ‘ubiquitous sunglasses’.

Some believe her sunglasses have corrective lenses and are required because of poor eyesight.

Anna Wintour's hairstyle has remained constant over the years.