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The riders, both children and adults, were harnessed to firefighters and hugging them tightly as they were lowered one-by-one from the Sky Cabin.

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And family and friends have already raised more than £10,000 to help fund their wedding day.Princess Diana and George Michael held true superstar status and it was this empathy for how crazy their lives were that drew them to one another as friends, says her former chef Darren Mc Grady. Kenny Goss's split from the late singer was revealed in 2011.George was gay, of course, but there has long been speculation about the nature of the pair's relationship and how far it went. Since then he has dedicated his life to their joint art foundation in Dallas, Texas, and its discreet work helping struggling young artists.Among the 5,000 convictions of benefit fraudsters over the last year was Amanda Barrymore, who claimed thousands of pounds in jobless benefits despite making a living out of her apparent 'psychic' ability to communicate with the dead.Another was 54-year-old Ann Grigor, who was seen driving at speeds claimed she was wheelchair bound, blind and needed round-the-clock care.And one in particular is holding a poignancy following the tragic death of Carrie Fisher on Tuesday.

Legendary actress Debbie Reynolds may be laid to rest in one of her favorite red dress suits, as son Todd Fisher was pictured with it while planning a joint funeral for her and his sister Carrie Fisher.

Amy, 34, was taken ill while watching a pantomime with her family, and medics told her she had cancer of the lungs, shoulder and spine.

The day before my third wedding, my daughter Carrie Fisher's plane flew in from London with a few of her close friends. Instead, my 27-year-old daughter called to say she couldn't make it.

Lenin ordered the seizure of the food the poor had grown to survive and declared 'let the peasants starve' as part of a pre-planned humanitarian disaster arranged for political reasons. A record £1billion was recovered from thousands of offenders who were brought to justice for wrongly claiming welfare over the last 12 months.

The Government pays out a whopping £172billion in benefits to around 20million people every year.

From drinking at a £20,000-a-table club in New York to sailing off the French coast with 32 beautiful women, the Rich Kids of Instagram tell Mail Online how they are spending New Year's Eve.