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My pc time is not updating

my pc time is not updating-43

(step 3 in the linked guide) sits on your motherboard, go buy it, start over, and exchange the battery.Follow the links to the keywords for articles on the respective steps.

my pc time is not updating-21

Your computer may simply be set to the wrong time zone and every time you fix the time, it resets itself to that time zone when you reboot.This article shows you what the underlying causes may be and how you can fix them.This is the most likely scenario, especially if your computer is not brand new.This has been going on for about a month, but finally a week ago i was able to get a new battery and replace it.I have reset the BIOs config to with Optimized Defaults, yet this is still happening. S:- I also checked the 3v voltage in the BIOs it has a Hardware Monitoring page where it shows the voltage. The CMOS battery makes sure the chip can store this data even while the computer is turned off and not hooked up to power.

If the battery goes bad, the chip starts losing information and one of the symptoms is that your computer no longer maintains its time and date.

I am unsure if there is a short term issue with the Microsoft service, but that one seems to be configured on GMT rather than PST for my computer.

For those of you that experienced this same issue, I hope this helps you!

Is your PDC Emulator getting a good external-to-the-forest time sync?

If your PDC Emulator doesn't have an authoritative time source configured I don't believe clients will sync.

I changed the server to ‘gov’ which is an alternative Internet Time Service (ITS).