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Elizabeth Hospital after a brief illness with an aggressive respiratory disease.

Lance and my son Clayton are great friends, I pray they can continue their friendship. Big Jim was a great guy with a lot of zest for life. These memories are never forgotten because of the zest for life that Jim had.. At this time it is no longer a viable commercial market so we have removed the pages. "Jim" Sommers, age 50, died peacefully on November 18, 2016, at St.The trajectory of my life was changed, for the better, because of Jim.I truly believe I would not have the life I have now, had he not been such a huge part of my childhood, as he was my father figure for ten years.He made us feel special and celebrated on our birthdays and holidays, taught us the important things--be honest and work hard, and worked hard to provide a happy life for us.

My childhood memories are full of Sunday drives, bowling, euchre tournaments, making models with my brother, and so many great adventures--including driving his corvette home from getting my driving permit!

I was pretty new at it and asked you what to do and you said just make it like the vanilla.

So that's what I did, maybe a little to much like it.

You walked by as I was adding the flavoring and I was putting vanilla flavor in. I said , "you told me to make it just like the vanilla ".

Needless to say Jim wasn't happy he went for a long walk around the plant.

Jim and I would go to the bowling alley at break time and play this game where you had to beat up the bad guys and one of the guys was this big black guy and he had a bat, hence "brothers got the bat", mind you we had to play it while having a few beers , I could go on and on.