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Paula abdul dating

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(Played by Philip Mc Gough) Appeared in the episode "Chain Gang".A conman, Arnie sold Del Boy, Boycie, Mike, Trigger, Uncle Albert and Rodney a batch of 24 carat gold chains for £12,500, only to later double cross them by faking a heart attack in a restaurant and making off with both the chains and the money in an ambulance driven by his sons.

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Del tells his new GP a completely opposite story about his lifestyle, that he is a celibate, teetotal, non-smoking, vegetarian health freak.Jumbo returned to Peckham in the episode "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", and offered Del the chance to restore their old partnership by helping him run his new used car business back in Australia, only for Del to refuse the offer due to Rodney being unable to go because of his drug conviction.Stringer also appeared in an earlier episode, "Go West Young Man", playing an Australian man who bought a car with no brakes from Del Boy, which he later accidentally crashed into the back of an E-type Jaguar, which at the time was being driven by Del who was looking after it for Boycie as a present to his "Bit on the side".As the episode unfolded it emerged that Ochetti was under FBI surveillance and facing trial for murder, kidnapping and drug-running.After seeing Del's resemblance to his father, Occhetti's son Rico launched a series of unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Del, hoping that the authorities would believe Occhetti himself was dead and thus spare him the prison sentence.(Played by Steven Woodcock) Jevon is a friend of Rodney and Mickey Pearce, first seen in Dates.

Unlike Mickey, Jevon is successful with the ladies, though to his chagrin Cassandra rebuffed him when he asked her to dance.

He was even more surprised when she agreed to dance with Rodney.

Jevon set up a trading partnership with Mickey Pearce, which lasted throughout the sixth series.

The Trotter family solicitor, believed to have represented Del on other, unspecified, occasions.

Solly represented Uncle Albert in his case against the brewery when he fell down the Nag's Head cellar.

He Appeared in; – The Jolly Boys' Outing (1989), Little Problems (1989), Sickness & Wealth (1989), Yuppy Love (1989) and Dates (1988).