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Restoring ipod touch without updating software

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It's the best device that one can buy nowadays when we talk about a smartphone, but even such a device is not bulletproof against malfunctions and errors, so you do need to be prepared when it comes to restoring it to the factory settings. If you restore this i Phone from an i Pad backup, settings and i Pad-only apps will not be restored.

If this is not what you want, you can choose to backup your i Phone to your computer selectively according to your need by using i Skysoft i Phone Data Recovery or i Skysoft i Phone Data Recovery for Mac.This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of downloading and what to select to achieve this goal that you would like.Just make sure you are ready to clearing the device.Restoring your i Phone without updating it is not that common, but people do it from time to time as a measure of keeping their current operating system installation or it can be useful as well when you don't have an internet connection.The first step here is to connect your phone to your computer, something that can easily be done via the trustworthy USB cable that you received in your package when you bought the phone.So, if you do encounter one of the situations presented above, just follow the instructions that we presented and you will surely solve the problems and start using your beloved phone the way you did before, with no crashes or errors.

The i Phone is an amazing piece of engineering, as it allows you to keep all your data in a single place, connect to the Internet and you can also use it to talk with your friends.

Now you should go back to i Tunes, hold down the "Option" key and at the same time click the "Restore" button.

This will open a window where you need to search for the "Library" folder, as here is where you latest i Phone backups are located.

Once the phone is connected you should automatically see it appear in the i Tunes application.

In the "Summary" tab you will be able to see all the necessary details about your i Phone.

This video will show you how to restore you i Pod touch or i Phone to the original version.