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Review dating agency com

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As mentioned above, we have been members of the Association of British Introduction Agencies ( for many years and we adhere to their strict codes of conduct.Kind regards, Lorraine Marlow, Director 01 lorraine@uk I also had a very poor experience with this company too, easily identifiable by the person representing AP in this chain .

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Conclusion: Avoid at all costs - both in terms of your self-esteem and financially.Attractive Professionals customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint.All attempts to contact the complaint author have failed.PLEASE NOTE: This review is not for our company ATTRACTIVE PROFESSIONALS!There are many companies in the UK with similar names but if any prospective clients would like a fact-check on the above review, please note that we have NEVER charged £500 and we do NOT meet with clients.Companies who don’t have the credentials that we do, often try to disparage agencies with good reputations.

Kind regards, Lorraine Marlow, Director 01 or 07737 744705 (personal mobile) Attractive Professionals is the trading name of Yours Sincerely Dating Ltd.

We are a personal matching service (not online dating) based in the UK.

We have thoroughly searched our records and can find no customer who would match this description and feel that this has been posted by a competitor.

I had initially been told that if I was unhappy I could receive a full refund.

Something that Margot the lady I had mist communications with, was once again rude and refused. This company, like so many others, pray upon hopeful single women and cannot deliver what is promised, throwing back age, personal attributes and being 'fussy' as a reason in disguise for their empty, cowboy company.

I was told before I cancelled my membership that "we are not a telephone service".