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Sony ericsson problems updating my c902 sony ericsson

This will be a bit pricier, but it’s also a lot better.If you need a camera phone now, C902 should do fine – Mobile88The Sony Ericsson C902 is a very promising cameraphone with some extra features and camera improvements.

There are numerous settings like portrait, sport, beach/snow, document etc. Either thru headphones, which u can also bluetooth phone on, or a speaker which I have the Triple J Friday Night Funk Train kranking on.I accepted with the condition that I could be completely honest with my review including all the pros and cons. As you can see in the photos below its has a standard size for a “candy bar” shaped phone but its thinner and feels nice and solid because its case is largely made of metal.Now that I’ve reviewed it I’m giving it away to one of my guest writers to thank them for all the articles they’ve written for my blogs. This device is a great example of Device Convergence because it continues the trend of cramming more and more technologies and features into 1 product eg: Audio & Video Phone calls, SMS, Calendar/Scheduling, Games, Music Player, Radio, Internet access, Camera for Photos/Video recording and Local data transfer (Bluetooth).If I was going on holiday I would of course take my semi-professional serious camera gear but for most other purposes eg: taking photos at a party, while commuting etc the Sony Ericsson c902 Camera Phone would be quite sufficient and always be at hand in your pocket for a quick grab shot of something interesting you’ve spotted.I’m very fast at typing SMS on my Nokia 6300 and I send a lot of them so I got frustrated by the keys on the c902 which are smaller, more smooth and slippery than the 6300 keys so my typing speed was slowed down appreciably while testing the c902.In the next step, you are required to select your phone model and follow the on-screen instructions.

Users of older models are required to remove and reinsert the battery, while owners of newer devices (such as smart phones) are supposed to turn off the phone and wait for 30 seconds.

For most people this probably won’t be a problem but it was for me because I’m tall (6ft 3″) with proportionately larger feet, hands and fingers than average.

Prices from Australian stores vary a lot – these are the ones I’ve found: $491.90, $540 outright from Telechoice (Optus), $549 All Phones (unsure locked to which network), $609 from Strathfield (Optus), $609 Optus shop, $749 Vodafone shop, $749 Crazy Johns (Vodafone) I have read the best reviews of the Sony Ericsson c902 and many user comments/feedback about it and created a list of the Best features, Annoying Problems, Tips & Tricks to customise the phone to suit your needs.

The 5MP camera, with a unique slide-out lens cover, illuminated touch icons providing quick and easy access to camera options, Face detection, Photo flash and Auto focus enables James Bond to send high resolution shots back to MI6 for quick recognition of his enemies.

The phone also offers Best Pic which allows users to take nine pictures of a moving object simultaneously and choose the best shot to use, plus Picture blogging for uploading photos to blogsites and Pict Bridge for printing direct to a printer, without the need for a PC or laptop.

There’s also options to shoot panorama shots and one of my favourites “best picture” – Semantically Driventhere are games on my old Motorola Razr, well two and they weren’t very good. I also played with the Auto Face recognition when you take pictures yday and that was way kewl, just need to get my Next G internet working on it, so I can picblog then really test it.