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Top ten dating tv shows

“Bridezillas” makes the list to serve as a cautionary tale for brides on the brink of losing it.WE tv even occasionally throws in a “Groomzilla” episode to expose the lesser-known men who go a bit crazy during the engagement.

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“Four Weddings” brings four totally different brides together to compete for the best wedding and a fantastic, all-inclusive honeymoon of their dreams.The owners and consultants at the shops have tons of wedding style advice for the brides on the show and often give tips to the audience.It’s also a fun way to get excited about dress shopping!Some critics may list ten shows without ranking them in order; such lists are displayed below, without numbers, in alphabetical order.These 5 series are celebrated for elevating their network and/or own program during the course of the year.David Tutera is always there to get rid of the tacky rhinestones and bring on the Swarovski crystals.

Bridezillas (WE tv) This show has gotten a lot of hype for revealing how nasty wedding planning can get.

My Fair Wedding (WE tv) David Tutera, party planner to the stars, has become a wedding fairy godfather to hundreds of brides.

As the host of “My Fair Wedding,” Tutera saves disorganized brides from wedding catastrophe just weeks before their big day.

If there is one genre that has found a great medium in television, it is period drama.

The format of long-stretched TV series is perfectly suited to historical dramatization that covers generations, sometimes centuries.

I Found the Gown (TLC) This one is a bit similar to “Say Yes to the Dress,” but is more helpful for brides on a budget.