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U720 modem updating

We are happy to report it works like a charm and attained the same speeds as when used on our Mac Book Pro. Choose "Share connection from (modem name)." For "Choose computers using" select either Built-in Ethernet or Air Port (Wi-Fi). Next, go to your deskop and ciick on the Air Port icon on the Finder menu bar.

The thought of a USB modem was exciting to me since it should mean any Mac with a USB 2.0 port can utilize the mobile broadband networks.You can eliminate potential stress by using a USB extension cable but you are still dealing with a dangling thingee.An Express Card Rev A modem would seem more desirable for the Mac Book Pro but Verizon doesn't currently offer a Rev A rated Express Card/34 modem.I predict they will soon add the Rev A Novatel Merlin EX720 Express Card used by Sprint.FLASH -- March 16th, 2007 -- If you have a Mac Book Pro and plan to use Verizon's mobile broadband data network, you will want the V740 Rev A Express Card/34 being released on March 30th. Their 3GStore is offering it for $109.99, or $70 less than Verizon's direct.)IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE We were impressed with the U720's performance.EV-DOinfo has it for $69 net and provides much better support for Mac users than Verizon.

Purchase Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Routers like the Kyocera KR1 or the Linksys WRT54G3G-ST from EV-DOinfo.

For more info, read Wikipedia's discussion of EV-DO.

Cingular's 3G wireless broadband data network uses HSDPA/UMTS (High Speed Downlink Packet Access/Universal Moblie Telephone System) technology.

Though both routers are designed to accept PCMCIA cards, the KR1 also a USB port.

With the latest firmware upate, you can use the USB based U720 modem with it in Rev-A mode.

See Verizon Wireless' full list of broadband data network modems.