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Updating genius on ipod

The Apple Genius feature allows i Tunes and i Pod users to create new playlists based on the stylistic choices and tonal qualities of other music in their libraries.

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It works much better than shuffle ever did on any i Pod.If you ever want to turn Genius back on, you can do so from the "Store" menu of i Tunes.Hello all, I am running v10 on my i Pod 160GB Classic, and would like to know how to remove the Genius playlist (which I do not use) from my i Pod screen.i Tunes 8 introduced the concept of Genius Playlists, which like Pandora and, use algorithms based on audio profiling, metadata matching, and (anonymously acquired) end user tastes, crunched in the Apple cloud.Basically, they take a song you like, what you typically like with it (what playlists you include it on), what others who like it also like (what playlists they include it on), and what music mathematically (tempo, tone, etc.) fits in with it. See it on your profile.','':'Reset','':'No','draft.recover.label.subject.none':'Recover draft last saved on with no subject','':'Tick Mark','':'Helpful answer','':'Which product community do you want to post to?

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Genius is disabled in i Tunes, but still comes up as the first listing in my playlists on the i Pod....

I have an 80gb 6th gen so I'm not sure I've ever had this problem, but try this: Make sure there's nothing in the playlist section of i Tunes saying genius, turn genius off (you said you did already), then restore the i Pod. You are not going to get rid of it completely as it is part of the software on your ipod as it was put there to give you the ability to have genius playlists without the use of itunes (per se).

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One of the new features in the i Phone and i Pod Touch 2.1 firmware is the ability to create Genius Playlists on the fly, and right on the device.

Since you are stuck with it you might as well enable it. That means, at the minimum, I've synced all the songs in my library well over a hundred times, yet there are still plenty of tracks I can find that yield no results from Genius on my computer's i Tunes.