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Updating kitchen cabinet doors

I wouldn’t do it if our fridge was newer, but since it’s not terribly precious, I’m going to go ahead with it.

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Adding the trim to the doors covered up the old holes for the knobs, but I wanted to change their location anyways. But then immediately after I painted them, the numbers were not just visible, but raised.The room was already looking worlds better, thanks to projects like the fresh white paint, wood floors, painting a bright red door, and raising the old header over the sink and adding a new pendant light & rugs.But I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the dated 50’s cabinetry.If your kitchen cabinetry offers the storage you need and the configuration you like but looks a little dated, consider simple refreshes as an alternative to replacement.This guide will teach you some simple and cost-effective tips to give your kitchen cabinets a facelift.I put them in the corners of each door because I thought it might be more streamlined to have them all lined at the tops/bottoms rather than partially inwards. It was like a magic trick that I could watch happen as I was rolling on the paint. The moral of this story, for anyone who is looking to update their flat-front cabinet doors: just buy the regular craft boards & save yourself the headache!

You’ll still save a ton of money, compared to refacing your cabinets or replacing them entirely. After seeing a bunch of chalkboard-painted refrigerators out in blogland, I’m decided that I’m going to do the same to ours.

It cleans the grime and old coatings from wood cabinetry to restore its natural luster.• The N-Hance refinishing process does not produce dust, mess or noxious fumes normally associated with traditional refinishing.

• Painting can extend the life of wood or laminate cabinetry.

Painting is the obvious answer for dated cabinets, but I was worried that the plain, flat-front doors might still look cheap & bland, even with a fresh coat of paint.

I thought that adding simple trim to the fronts would really dress them up and make them look more expensive than they are.

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