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Updating openoffice in ubuntu

updating openoffice in ubuntu-33

By installing Ubuntu you will have realised that you do not only get an OS but also preinstalled software like Libre Office.Most other Open Source software is also available through the Software Center in case it is not installed already.

Otherwise, skip to Comprehensive Installation Instructions section.Only very rarely there is a need for an interim software upgrade (e.g.your program gets new features that you can't wait for or has a bug that is not a security issue).Your computer needs these resources as a minimum to run Apache Open Office 4.x versions: To download Apache Open Office from our website, you do not need to login.Also, it does not cost anything other than what your costs are to connect to the internet and download a large file.If you follow this advice you will be rewarded with a fairly stable system (that however may not always have all brand new features included yet).

Libre Office 3.5.x will be included in the next release of Ubuntu 12.04 that comes to you in April 2012.

To download and install Apache Open Office 4.x, follow this checklist: This section describes in detail how to install Apache Open Office on your computer system.

The first thing you'll want to do is read through these instructions completely, and use the Apache Open Office site to answer any questions you might have.

Libre Office 3.4.5 is planned to be updated on 11.10, see bug 915223.

However it might take some time: Release Updates.

There will not be a lot of difference between 3.4.4 and 3.4.5. When you are new, then wanting the newest can take you out of your depth.