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Validating problem

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Associate the entity with a valid database table as shown in "Adding persistence to a class". Version mappings may be used only with the following attribute types: " is defined in persistence unit.

See "Creating a new JPA project" for more information. The class has not been identified as a persistent class. You mapped an entity's field to an incorrect or invalid column in the database table.Using laravel 5.2 I get this error when validating a form and with auth packages.Not sure if i broke something, but laravel used to redirect you back to the page and now throw this error when validation failed.Configure the class as an Entity, Mapped Superclass, or Embeddable persistent entity. By default, Dali will attempt to map each field in the entity with an identically named row in the database table.If the field's name differs from the row's name, you must explicitly create the mapping. When creating a converter, you must specify its name. Converter name must not be a reserved converter name.I recently upgraded my OS to Windows 10 and tried to launch Unity.

I was welcomed by the following message which said, "There was a problem validating the license because the Operating System identification seems to have changed." I tried to google for the solution, as everyone does.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening, because it's also happening in the auth libraries and i don't want to go changing that.

Illuminate \ Foundation \ Validation \ Validation Exception The given data failed to pass validation.

I couldn't find any solution though, and hence decided to look to solve the issue myself.

To my good fortune, the solution was simple enough.

Once it validates the OS, it will ask you to choose the Unity edition, Professional or Personal.