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I am utterly heartbroken." "I have lost a brother and a best friend," Sopranos costar Stevie Van Zandt (who played fellow mobster Silvio Dante) wrote on Facebook.

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A divorced and single parent, Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) spends her days enjoying work as a masseuse but dreading her daughter's impending departure for college.Maureen and I send our deepest sympathy and love to Deborah, Michael, Lily, and all of Jimmy's family." PHOTOS: Most shocking deaths in Hollywood history Added another Executive Producer Terence Winter remembers Gandolfini: "I'm truly crushed at the passing of my friend Jim Gandolfini.He was a gifted, fearless actor, respectful of everyone he met, and extraordinarily generous in every possible way. I wanted to make him proud with the movie we made together and now it will be in his loving memory." "I did a play with James Gandolfini 24 years ago in a basement under a bar in the west village," Melissa Gilbert tweeted. The wind is knocked out of me." "So sad to lose James Gandolfini," Susan Sarandon shared.Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano was, of course, right at the centre of that twin-dynamic, straddling the business and the personal worlds he inhabited with authenticity, sensitivity and vulnerability.The Mob stuff was fun, entertaining and often frightening with a side order of stomach churning violence, but many felt that the main dramatic arena was played out in his suburban New Jersey home.The fact that I found a lot of kinship with Julia Louis Dreyfus' character helped push it up a notch or two.

Like her character, I'm a divorcée, and my only child, a boy, went off to college this past August.

I love him and my heart goes out to his family." Actress Lorraine Bracco, who played Tony's therapist Dr.

Melfi, said in a statement: "We lost a giant today.

Tony Soprano had four loud female voices competing for space in his head in whatever circumstances he happened to find himself in: his wife - the magnificent Carmela, his daughter Meadow, his hardened Mob mother Livia and last, but very much the opposite of least, his therapist, Dr Jennifer Melfi.

It was through this last relationship that The Sopranos achieved a degree of complexity that others shows can’t reach – it was a useful device for allowing the viewer access to Tony’s innermost thoughts, but it also stood on its own two feet as a real partnership that never got tired.

After the excellent notices that her previous film Please Give (2010) had received, Nicole Holofcener was approached by two executives from Fox Searchlight who wanted to work with her on her next project.