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Who is samara weaving dating

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To enable cookies, follow the instructions for your browser below.Nicole later visits Indi in hospital and tries to convince her that it was she who pursued Sid, but Indi does not believe her.Indi is told by a surgeon that her injuries should be easy to treat and with that Jody announces that she is taking Indi and Dexter back to the city. Indi and Dexter leave Jody at the airport and return to Sid's home after deciding not to go travelling with her.Indi and Nicole see each other at school, but both end their feud and start afresh.She later meets Romeo and becomes attracted to him but Indi is disappointed when he says he is not interested in romance at the moment.Of this Weaving stated during an interview with TV Week: "It's quite funny because Indi is yelling at Romeo for reading into their friendship too much, and then he decides to just kiss her as she's half-way through telling him off!

It's what she's always wanted ever since she saw him, so it's a kiss that makes her totally forget what she's saying and why she was angry at him in the first place." Weaving then stated the pair would not find love together quickly: "Indigo responds well to the kiss, but there's definitely still some speed bumps pending in them getting together.

It’s a fantastic place to work and I look forward to what’s next for Indi." In an interview with The Daily Telegraph Weaving told how she was pleased over her return to the soap, she stated, "It's a bit easier this time around as I don't have to fit in work and my studies on top of that." Whilst interviewed by TV Week Smith stated: "Initially, Indi goes out of her way to see that he's okay - even though she doesn't know him, so he thinks it's nice that she cares about him.

They have a lot in common, but he tells her he's not looking for romance." Their relationship as friends slowly develops into more.

After seeing them Indi starts to behave erratically, she tries to persuade Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) to serve her alcohol, but he refuses.

Indi then goes off with a group of teenagers and she begins to spiral out of control and smokes marijuana. Indi wakes up and loses her footing, causing her to fall through a glass coffee table and badly cutting her face.

Weaving announced her departure from Home and Away in July 2013 and Indi departed on 13 November 2013 It was revealed in July that a new family would be introduced to Home and Away, the Walker family consisting of father Sid (Robert Mammone), mother Jody (Victoria Haralabidou), son Dexter (Tom Green) and daughter Indi.