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Online communication while having many advantages comes with certain disadvantages as well; the online space while it gives us more flexibility for communication can also safe guard us from what actual social interacting is, and can almost feel like a “pseudo reality”.You see, it’s not just about knowing the ins and outs of online dating, it’s also about realizing that online dating is only meant to act as a vessel for a REAL LIFE INTERACTION.

It also takes away some of those first-date jitters by knowing this isn't really a date.7. Remember all of your dating rules, mind your manners, and even though it's casual, put a little effort into your look.The last place you want to be is in the car of someone you don't know.3. I like to talk to a guy at least 4 times before we plan to meet for the first time. Talking to someone on the phone is a whole lot different than emailing, texting or IMing someone.It's kind of like 'proof' that they are a real person, and not someone with a fake online profile; it's a red flag if someone who says they want to meet you won't give you their phone number or says that they can't be reached by phone. Meeting someone in person that you initially met online can be nerve-wracking, and agreeing on something casual is a great way to take some of the pressure off.As always, it’s a simple yet profoundly powerful and important rule – I would go as far as to say it is the “Golden Rule” for online dating.You can have the most impressive about me section, have photos that are flattering and show just how attractive you are, you can even have countless messages in your in-box from potential suitors, but if you aren’t applying this rule you are letting countless opportunities go by. If you are not moving your interactions by the 3rd conversation you have with this other person you are essentially at risk of falling into the online equivalent of the ‘friend zone’ – something I have deemed the “online buddy zone”.Oh, and never meet at a bar or club for your initial meeting; its too loud to talk and there are so many other risks that you don't want to take going that route.6. This is just the two of you meeting for the first time.

I know it might have all the signs of a date, but it's not.

Now that you know the golden rule, there is only one more question you have to be wary of; Do you want to meet potential matches from online dating?

Or, Is it just an easy way for you to hide behind your keyboard, and allow your ego to feel as if your desire for ‘relations’ with the opposite and other people is being fulfilled?

Online dating has grown in popularity over the last 5 years or so.

More and more online dating sites are popping up than ever before, all offering unique takes on the classic dating formula.

I decided to make my first meetings casual because I got tired of getting all dressed up for someone that either didn't show up, or were otherwise disappointing. If something doesn't seem right before you meet, don't do it.